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Second Yartzeit

Dear Friends,

Monday כז אלול (Sept.2rd), is the second yartzeit of our dear friend Yosef ben Shlomo HaKohen of blessed memory.

It will be a great elevation for his soul that we learn Torah in his merit (especially that which strengthens faith).

There will be a bus leaving Bayit Vegan, Jerusalem on Monday to visit his kever. If you are interesting in coming, please email by 1pm on Sunday so that we can arrange the proper transportation. Please leave a detailed message when you call. We will notify those interested with the final details Sunday night.

Sunday evening friends of Yosef's from the Bayit Vegan community will be gathering to learn mishnayos. You are invited to join, please email for further information.

We invite you to organize gatherings in your communities for friends to get together and share memories of Yosef. It would certainly be a further merit for his soul that Torah is learned at your gathering. 

If you are arranging a gathering a notice can be posted on this blog if you would like.

We hope in this coming year to add even more material to the Hazon archive. This will possibly include hereto unpublished writings as well as the complete Hazon mailings.

With hope and expectation that will merit to see the redemption of Zion and all be together once again with the building of the Beis HaMikdash. May it be speedily in our days.

We remain,

Friends of Yosef HaKohen

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About Us:
We are a circle of close friends and and close neighbors of Yosef HaKohen who had the privilege and good fortune to grow with him and share in his life for many years. We are committed to the distribution and preservation of his writings. Our actions are undertaken in consultation with the Rabbis from whom Yosef took guidance. While we can be reached by e-mail, please understand that we can not reply to each individual message, although we are very interested to hear feedback about the work which we are undertaking.